Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freaky Fungus!

 At the beginning of the school year I told my 4th graders that I love making fun things with food!  Since that day they have been asking and begging for me do to bring something in.  I decided Halloween was the perfect opportunity since we always have a classroom party.  I needed something fun that wasn't just your average cupcake, because these kids were expecting something really cool.

I had seen at Target a creepy Petri-dish Jello set, however it looked really phoney.  It had large gummy spiders and other large gummy things that you would not normally find under a microscope.  This wasn't going to work if I wanted to blow these kids away.  So I decided to start researching how to make the Petri dishes look more realistic.  I started by ordering Petri-dishes off of  Once they arrived I got to work.  I bought strawberry sugar-free jello (I find that it tastes the same as regular, and these students will have plenty of sugary cupcakes, cookies, and candy!, and went through my collection of sprinkles.  I tried several different kind I came to the conclusion that black non-perils dissolve the best and really look like mold... Perfect!

The next trick was to make enough for the whole 4th grade!  

  • Plastic Petri-dishes
  • Any red sugar-free Jello (one box makes about 25 dishes)
  • sour gummy worms
  • black non peril sprinkles

  • Rinse out and air dry Petri-dishes
  • Make jello according to package
  • Lay out dishes on a cookie sheet or wire rack and fill
  • Gently shake sprinkles into dishes, do not over do it.  They will dissolve to look like mold, and if you have to many it just look like a black blob
  • Let sit in fridge until solid.  Keep refrigerated until ready to serve

 My students went crazy for them!  Hope yours do too!  

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